Few things are more exciting to me than stumbling upon a stationery store. I love the beautiful paper and address books, fancy pens, and, of course, greeting cards.

I once thought it would be fun to write greeting cards professionally, but I just toyed with the idea and never got serious enough to look into it. My comedian friend Courtney Stewart wants to start a line of greeting cards for dysfunctional families (NSFW), but that’s another topic altogether*…

I especially love blank cards that feature fine art (Edward Hopper’s Hotel Room comes to mind). Unless it’s for a birthday or Christmas, I opt for blank versions so I can write a more personalized message than what I generally find in the store aisles.

I have a couple of boxes of cards waiting to be sent. I’m always on the lookout for new ones, and lately I’ve had my eye on Hedgehog Press, based here in Fort Wayne. Sometimes I pick up bags of cards at Goodwill or other secondhand shops because they can just be so odd (as evidenced by the clown, below).  Trader Joe’s and Etsy are good sources. Look at this sweet card from Jessica Hogarth.

I really appreciate getting cards whose messages surprise me, and I always keep them.

In honor of Mother’s Day – the third most popular holiday for greeting cards, behind  Christmas and Valentine’s Day – I’ve decided to spotlight some of my favorite cards. I’ve excluded Christmas cards because I think they probably deserve their very own blog post this winter.


IMAG3476 (1)

Inside: “Where does the thyme go?” From my sister-in-law, who knows I love Simon & Garfunkel. (Shoebox Greetings)




Blank cards by Two Bad Mice, sent from my sister. I love these sweet illustrations. What’s not to love about naughty mice?




Inside: “So pretend tomorrow is from me.” Also from my sister-in-law. She’s sassy.





A postcard of a Jamaican market my mom glued to cardstock. We traveled there together in the late ’90s, and it was amazing.



Blank card by illustrator Katie Vernon. This is my all-time favorite card. I got it years ago from my friend Courtney. I framed it for our guest room.




Random thrift store finds just waiting to go to their forever homes.




Blank cards my mom made – pressed flowers under tissue on the left, a Hummel illustration glued to cardstock on the right.




Inside: “But you already are.” From my dad on my 22nd birthday. (Shoebox Greetings)




Swoon! This painting by Gustave Caillebotte is just amazing. It makes feel like I’m right there in the scene. Had to buy a set of these.


*Want to see more of Courtney’s standup? This is my favorite! (NSFW)


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