New (to me) words

I found a few new-to-me words that I like, just because of how they sound.  I looked them up, and here’s what I found. (These are very rough definitions.)

  • corsairs – pirate ships or privateers, also considered an “archaic” word, though I beg to differ because (obviously) I just read it somewhere – I like that it sounds like “coarse airs.”
  • lintels – (Yum! Wait, no, that’s not what we ate for dinner!) a structural horizontal block between two vertical supports
  • sobriquet – I realized I knew this (but forgot it) when I read: a person’s nickname
  • extirpate – to remove completely, as in during surgery (My husband said, “I think that’s a made-up word because we haven’t heard it on “Grey’s Anatomy.” Yes, we are still hooked on watching Meredith and her cohorts and all their shenanigans.)
  • facepalm – self-explanatory, but it’s a new and wonderful term for me

I asked my 8-year-old daughter which words she had learned recently. Here’s her list, and her descriptions:

  • legit – as in, “did you do it legitly?” – as heard from a friend
  • enthusiastic – she likes this because it’s long and means “crazed”
  • rapid – it means “fast”; likes it because it sounds like ““wrap”” and she loves birthday gifts
  • horizon – heard in art class, “where the sun touches the ground,” likes it because it’s pretty
  • apply – heard it in karate a couple days ago, and she likes it because it means “to get more / learn more” of something
  • vaporize – “get warm air-ish from one of those machines you put in your room if you have a stuffy nose,” learned at Grandma’s

Then I asked Myles (6) if he had any new words, and he said:

“Extirpated and litnels.”


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